Ever met anyone with a good definition of marketing?

A guy is getting ready to go to a party. He has three invites because he makes friends easily and knows that a girl he likes will be at one of them.

He has different clothes ready for each party and a taxi is waiting so he can get to the right party as quickly as possible.

Finally a friend at one party calls and our hero pulls on the appropriate clothes, jumps into the taxi and speeds off across town. Twenty minutes later, he is in the party and his friend introduces him to the girl and they start to talk.

As an alternative, suppose our hero was wandering the streets in the rain without an umbrella and gate-crashed a party because it looked like the perfect way to get dry, steal a few drinks and maybe get lucky. He sees a girl he likes and interrupts the conversation she's having with someone else.

In both cases, selling starts when our hero opens his mouth. Until that point, it was all marketing - and good marketing makes selling much easier.

OK, so that’s a simple illustration of how we look at marketing but it shows that we know how closely sales and marketing should work.

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